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Immersive Outdoor Discovery Games

⌛2-hour immersive experience 🕵️ Solve cryptic clues 💎 Discover hidden gems ⌛ Uncover buried histories 🛍️ Unlock secret offers 🍴 Breaks at awesome F&B places

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Void Deck Cat

Your paw-some guide

You may not know it, but you've met Void Deck Cat many times. She lurks at HDB void decks, watching you in silence, and then is gone as mysteriously as she came. Void Deck Cat has many secrets to show you from her travels around Singapore, but only if you solve her clues...

❓ FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Guided by our chatbot (Void Deck Cat) via WhatsApp, you will solve clues, discover hidden gems, check out local businesses, and learn interesting facts and stories in the local neighbourhood, in a race against the clock!

Get help by sending Void Deck Cat the following messages: 'stuck': Get an additional hint 'lost': Get directions to the right location 'skip': Skip the clue and move on to the next one

Once payment has been made, you will receive an email with the setup instructions. You will receive a message from Void Deck Cat and can add team members to your team when you have arrived at the game start point. Each team member will receive WhatsApp messages so that everyone in the team is updated at the same time with clues / hints.

You should start the game only when you and your team are at the starting point. Send Void Deck Cat the message "Start game" to start the game. Once you have set up your teams, team captains will receive a confirmation email and text message from Ah Boi, which includes your start location. On the day, when you are at the start location and ready to play, the captain starts the game by messaging 'ready' to Ah Boi. More details provided in the post-purchase email.

Yes, your game is timed. You will be able to see the time taken for your game on the leaderboard at the end of the game. Your timing is paused during scheduled breaks, so take your time when makan-ing!

You can: - Use any form of map - Use any form of research - Ask people in your game play area for help No discussing with other teams Play nice No deliberately obstructing other teams

You will receive most replies within a few seconds. If you are in an area with poor mobile phone reception, you can resend your answer.

Yes. Based on our experience, our games are recommended for ages 10 and above. Do note that a fair amount of walking is expected while playing our games.