How It Works

For each game, you will be solving a trail of clues around the neighbourhood on foot. Clues will be delivered to all team members' phones over WhatsApp. Solve each clue to unlock hidden secrets as well as the next clue. Request hints if you get stuck. Enjoy scheduled breaks during the game, at curated spots where you can shop, eat, or explore.


Buy a team ticket (up to 5 players) or play solo. Once payment is completed, you will receive a WhatsApp message from Hidden Singapore to set up your game.

Buy tickets now


If you have bought a team ticket, you will add your team mates to the game on the day itself, when everyone is present at the start point. You will do this over WhatsApp. Playing solo? You can skip this bit.


Once your team is set up and your team is ready to begin, you will start the game by sending 'ready' over WhatsApp. Void Deck Cat will then take over and your game timer will start.


Play the game your way. Some people make a day out of it, while others sprint between clues. Your game is timed, which acts as your score. Incorrect answers, requesting for hints, or skipping clues incurs time penalties.

Important Notice

1. The experience unfolds over WhatsApp on your mobile phone. Please make sure your device is well charged with internet access.

2. You can have up to 5 players per team. Every player requires a ticket, if not they will not be able to receive clues. We recommend splitting into more teams for a better gaming experience, for example two groups of 2 players instead of one team of 4.

3. Please ensure all players are at the start point before beginning the game. You will need to be physically present to solve the clues.

4. The game is played on foot and involves walking to different locations in the neighbourhood, so a basic level of fitness is recommended. Some places are not wheelchair accessible.

5. Some clues involve interacting with local businesses, so we recommend playing the game during normal hours (i.e. not playing the game after 7pm).