How many of us can claim the ability to freely chat with our neighbouring colleague after having spent our past two years lounging around on Zoom and Teams? Or that we can confidently match online videos to face-to-face people?

Certainly not me. Sometimes I struggle to even recognise colleagues that I’ve seen multiple times over Zoom.

Yet, as it turns out, this experience is far from rare.

After speaking to a few Human Resource practitioners, friends, and families, we’ve come to realise that these awkward encounters are only all too frequent, especially since Singapore has gone endemic and commenced shifts back to real-life work.

Work friends playing Who Am I? game

How now?

A straightforward solution is to stage some team bonding activities for your Singapore office. Below is a list of office team building activities that can not only be quickly, but also, easily implemented. (Who doesn’t love team bonding that doesn’t come at the cost of being efficient?)

Still, a disclaimer: Since Singapore’s first circuit breaker was implemented in April 2020 and it has, to date, almost reached a prolonged and dreadful 28 months, it would take more than a few snappy office bonding activities to compensate for all the team building that we’ve sorely missed out in the past two years.

Simply put, teamwork takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

That said, this list still stands, and shares some good team activities for those seeking out a cost-effective, customisable, and fun solution to encourage informal team bonding. Scroll on to discover more about some outside-office team bonding activities. 

3, 6, 9 Bibbo Game

Work friends playing double counting game

1. Gather colleagues and sit around the conference table or in a circle of office chairs at the pantry.

2. Select a player to start calling out “one,” and proceed in a clockwise direction (next person calls out two, etc.).

3. For any number that consists of 3, 6, 9, use the word "Bibbo (or your company name)!" to substitute the number. For example, 13, 29, 69 will be changed to “Bibbo (or your company name)!”

4. The person who makes a mistake loses and sits out while the game starts again.

5. Last person wins (Tip: Maybe a prize from the pantry, or getting called “boss” for a week).

6. This game is good as an ice breaker, or to bond people before a more elaborate corporate team activity.

Double Counting (Good for Post-Caffeine Boost)

Work friends playing double counting game

1. Gather colleagues and find a space to squat in a circle. (For those with knee problems, they can sit on a chair.)

2. The game starts when the first player stands up and calls out “one” and the other players start calling out these numbers in sequence.

3. If two players call out the same number, both are out, remain seated and are not allowed to participate further.

4. At the end of the game, the players who are standing win the game whereas those who remain seated lose and are then required to do a dance or penalty.

Silent Line


1. Colleagues would have to form a line based on various topics (e.g., favourite colour, birthday month, height, how long they have been in the company, etc.) without talking to one another.


2. This game can be played in teams with teams pitted against each other, so that there emerges an eventual winning team.


3. This is an informal way of getting colleagues to know each other better, and to harness team bonding as they work together to try and beat the other team. 

Puzzle Puzzle Puzzle

Corporate team building puzzle game

1. Search Shopee or Taobao for some available puzzles. Here are some keywords you can include: Japanese puzzle boxes, metal ring puzzles, IQ boxes, IQ puzzles, brain puzzles, or even a 500-piece puzzle set.


2. Colleagues can be separated into groups, then each group is given one (or a few puzzles) to solve.

Kum Sia Le (Thank You in Dialect)

1. The objective of this game is to empower colleagues to focus on the positives and help they have showed and received from each other. It also serves to inculcate a culture of helping and working towards a common goal of the company.

2. This can be done in-person or via a free-plan digital bulletin board like Padlet.

3. It can be elaborate, or even a simple one-liner where people say, “Thanks James for the treats you brought back from Malacca,” or, “thanks Jane for sending me the file I needed so quickly.

4. The whole point of this exercise is to let people recognise and affirm the love and help they have received, and to uplift and make others feel appreciated.

Colleagues exchanging words of affirmation in the office

Quiz Time


1. Use Kahoot to create an online quiz and gather colleagues for a Friday evening Drinks & Quiz night.

2. Ideally, the quiz should be based on interesting company culture or history so that there is a good transfer of culture and knowledge from more experienced colleagues to newer ones.

3. On top of that, this allows colleagues to have new conversation topics, and to learn something meaningful about their company whilst bonding.

Can’t see lah!

Colleagues playing a blindfolded game

1. This game is perfect for offices that have cubicles and partitions set up due to COVID’s safe distancing measures.

2. Pair team members up and one of them will wear a blindfold.

3. Mark out a start point and an end point that are 100 metres apart.

4. The one not wearing a blindfold will direct the blindfolded teammate from the starting point to the end point.

5. Ideally, there should be a few pairs who are concurrently playing, so that the blindfolded teammates must work harder to identify their teammate’s voice.

6. This is a fun morale booster that elevates the office space from one of just work, to one of play, too!

These in-office games are not only easy, but also quick and efficient for the staff to host. With a variety from this list, this can also boost energy levels and excitement. Happy Playing!

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