1. Choose the right teammates

Choosing the right people to go with you on an escape room adventure is more important than you think! Different people have different skills - some may be better at puzzle solving, while others may have better observation skills. Tap on those strengths if you want to complete the game efficiently.

Friends having a discussion in an escape room

2. Listen and Contribute Actively

Communication is crucial in escape rooms. Not only you should listen to your teammates when they have something to share, you should also voice out whatever you find. Withholding information or thinking that something is 'useless' is not the way to go. You don't know that until you may really need it.

Teammates communicating effectively in an escape room

3. Spread out and search

The more you spread out, the more ground you cover. As much as possible, try not to crowd around the same puzzle and waste precious minutes solving it without much info. In escape rooms, time is of the essence. Speed is key!

Family spreading out to search for clues in an escape room

4. Be Organised

Have separate piles for things that are useful and things that are not. Being messy will only result in confusion and more time wasted. Every second counts!

Friends organising clues in an escape room

5. Move On

Leave puzzles that are solved behind and don't dwell on them any further. Oftentimes, too much time is wasted dwelling on past puzzles. Don't make that mistake! The only way to move forward is to look ahead.

Friends solving clues in an escape room

6. Ask for help if needed

Do not be afraid to ask for hints or clues if you require. Time is quickly slipping away the longer you spend staring at something that no one can seem to understand. Asking for help could very well speed up your progress by a lot more than you think.

Man asking for hints at an escape room

7. Don't Give Up!

Finally, perseverance is important! Giving up will not get you to the exit, fighting on will!

Happy Family After Completing Escape Room